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Netfone Hosted PBX service meets the latest demands of small to medium businesses by offering a range of features usually found in only high end phone systems. Our Hosted PBX service provides an unbeatable combination of flexibility, cost effective deployment and low operating costs.

Netfone delivers businesses substantial cost saving benefits through reduced to zero set-up cost, reduced IT and operational cost, lower monthly costs, fast add/change response, and access to the most advanced telephony features. Customers can choose from a range of IP phones from the entry level workstation phone through to an advanced reception phone with detailed extension monitoring.

Our Hosted PBX solution also supports remote extensions which not only helps to deliver more convenience to your business but a range of cost saving benefits. We can support your employees in the office, at home, on the road or at a client location. Whether you have one or a hundred offices, we can support you. We have also the best cell phone integration in the industry.

By combining Netfone Hosted PBX with the substantial cost savings and the fantastic on-going service and support provided by Netfone, it will ensure that our Hosted PBX solution is the right choice for your business. Cut costs and make the smarter choice for your business today.

Hosted PBX Features

• 4 ,3 ,2 and 5 digit extension dialing
• Name playback after extension dialing
• Blocking of certain numbers
• Call redirection based on user input
• Call redirection on timeout
• Call redirection on time-of-day (day/night mode)
• Call redirection on loss of registration
• Call disconnect on no activity
• Multiple language support (e.g. French/English)
• Dial by name (directory)
• Pre-recorded standard greetings (e.g. for support, for accounting, …)
• Greeting recording from extension
• Upload and playback of greetings through web interface
• Scheduled and spontaneous conferences
• Multiple language support
• User/moderator mode
• Email invitation, participation email (calendar format)
• Voice activity detection in conference
• Multiple, independent conference rooms
• Name recoding and conference announcement
• Conference recording and download through web interface
• Attended and blind transfer into conference
• Agent login/logout (static/dynamic), automatic logout
• Escalation agents
• Minimum staffing for logout prevention
• Ring melody indication
• Queue priority for agent arbitration
• Call volume throttling (maximum number of parallel active calls)
• Programmable caller-ID manipulation
• Address book integration
• Caller-ID based agent preference routing
• Programmable event for connecting the call
• Programmable ring back tone
• Selectable music on hold
• Programmable agent idle time
• Queue position announcement
• Daily activity summary email reports
• Call recording of queue calls
• Multiple agent selection algorithms
• Multiple call redirection events and destinations
• User input key handling
• Dynamic call routing (e.g. day/night mode)
• Regular expression-based routing for DTMF input and Caller-ID
• Timeout handling
• SOAP server-based routing
• Uploading of WAV files
• Address Book
• User address book and domain address book
• Black and white list support
• CSV Import
• From/To-header rewrite on incoming calls
• Speed dial support
• SIP, unicast and multicast paging
• Connection confirmation
• Plug and play integration
• Recorded and immediate paging
• Near-end and far-end NAT traversal with mini session border controller
• Multiple IP-address routing in SIP (e.g. private and public address mix,
• IPv4 and IPv6 support
• Multiple SIP ports, multiple HTTP ports, multiple TFTP ports
• QoS definition
• Access from anywhere
• User, domain and system mode login
• Click-to-dial
• Secure transport, provisioning of certificates
• Mobile friendly responsive user web interface
• Web-based agent activity tracking
• Web-based call monitoring
• Customizable email on connect to the connected agent
• Call whisper mode, call listen in, call barge in
• Three stage hunt group with parallel and sequential
• Call routing with night/day mode and other flags
• Call routing to final stage destination (internal or external)
• Customizable ring melody
• Daily CDR reporting
• Programmable music on hold source
• Call recording of hunt group calls
• Multiple prompts and name recording (from extension or web
• Voicemail to email
• Moving and copying of messages to extensions and groups
• Recording of comments to messages
• Fast forward and rewind for message playback
• Envelope information
• Callback from mailbox
• Message waiting support (MWI)
• Call recording into mailbox
• PIN code-based log in
• Star code access from mailbox
• Mailbox sharing
• Voicemail to email with or without attachments
• Parallel forking to cell phone (single/multiple cell phones or external
PSTN phones), immediate and after delay
• Parallel forking to cell phone in group calls (queues, hunt groups)
• Direct inward station access, outbound calls from cell phone
• Call back for outbound calls
• Call back on mailbox message
• Call back when extension becomes available
• Extension specific dial plan, time zone and language support
• Multiple extension alias names, ANI assignments
• Hot desking
• Park orbit and pickup preference
• Call redirection on busy, not registered, on timeout, always
• Daily email support
• Picture upload
• Camp on, call waiting enable/disable, caller-ID blocking
• Emergency dialing support, EPID support for E911
• Emergency call recording
• Intercom (-2way) support
• Call number limitation
• Multiple registrations per extension
• Call screening (anonymous, all) with name recording
• Email (missed calls, CDR, voicemail, status changes, mailbox full)
• Personal address book
• Plug and play, based on MAC and/or username/password
• Extension button programming
• Prepaid balance
• Shared Line emulation
• Extension, queue, hunt group and status flag monitoring
• DND, agent status
• Template-based provisioning of popular SIP devices
• Provisioning of firmware
• Multicast plug and play
• Reboot from web interface
• Provisioning of XML-page access for address book
• Registration and Outbound Proxy modes for ITSP and PSTN gateways
• Caller-ID indication (RFC -3325based and Remote-PartyID)
• Inbound call routing
• CO-line emulation
• Microsoft Exchange Support
• Multiple dial plans per domain
• Failover support
• Dial plan-based routing to extensions
• PIN code authentication for outbound calls
• Client matter code enforcement for outbound calls
  • 1x Phone Line with over 20 free features
  • Free calling in Canada
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Add $5 for Free US calling
  • Competitive International rates
SOHO (Canada)
  • 3x Phone Lines with over 20 free features
  • Free calling in Canada
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 1 Auto-Attendant
  • 1 Hunt / Simultaneous calling
SOHO (North America)
  • 3x Phone Lines with over 20 free features
  • Free calling in Canada and US
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 1 Auto-Attendant
  • 1 Hunt / Simultaneous calling
Upon Request
  • Up to 500 Phone Lines
  • Free calling in Canada $ US
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Competitive International rates
  • Advanced call routing included
Paperless Fax - Small Business
  • 1x Paperless Fax line
  • Fax anywhere in Canada
  • Includes 500 pages in/out per month
  • Faxing from any email enabled device
  • More plans available on request

Custom plans and Volume discounts are available. Please send us an email to with your requirements.

Why Netfone for Business ?

Increased Productivity

Work from office, home or on the road. All you need is an internet connection (fixed, Wifi or mobile)

Greater Reliability

Over 99.9% uptime with little to no maintenance required.


Save more than 50% on your monthly telephone bills.

Greater Functionality

Advanced call routing features like auto attendant and hunt group, etc.. are all part of our offering.

Better Scalability

Add as many new users and extensions as your business needs.

Keep your Existing number

Keep your existing number when moving over. We make sure there is no downtime.

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