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Using My Account

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  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Account (check image below)
  3. Login using your Netfone number (including area code and without spaces or dashes or parenthesis) and your web password.

In case you do not know your web password, please do not click on “reset”. Contact for your web password and we will send you the password to the email we have on file.

(Check image below)

  1. Once logged in you should see the Landing page showing the Call history. (Check image below)

My Account Features

Change general info

Click on “edit” under the phone number to edit general info.
(Check image below)

On the next screen you can edit your email address, Password for My Account and Time zone.
(Check image below)

Please note the email address entered on this page will be the email where you receive voicemail and missed call notifications.

If you have an issue with time and date on the call records please adjust the Time zone on this page.

Incoming call settings

Click on “edit” under the Incoming Calls to change how incoming calls are handled.
(Check image below)

On the next screen you can forward all incoming calls to Voicemail or another number and chose on how to handle Anonymous calls. (Check image below)

Voicemail Settings

Click on “edit” under Voicemail to change your Voicemail settings.
(Check image below)

On the next screen you can turn your Voicemail on or off, set the duration (in seconds) after which the voicemail picks up (Timeout), Set your Voicemail Pin, Select voicemails to email settings and enable or disable missed call notifications. (Check image below)

911 information

Click on “edit” under 911 information to change your 911 address.
(Check image below)

On the next screen you can add or change your 911 address. (Check image below)

Payment information

Click on “edit” under Payment Info to update your CC info and pay outstanding balance.
(Check image below)

On the next screen you can add or change your Credit Card information and pay any outstanding balance. (Check image below)

Please note you will need to re-enter all the CC information if you receive a replacement card with different expiry and validation number.

Invoices and Statements

Click on Invoices and Statements to check or download Invoices and Account Statement.
(Check image below)

On the next screen you can check the amount outstanding on your account as well as download or view Account Statement and Invoices. (Check image below)

Please click on “html” to view Invoice/Account Statement in the same window and “pdf” to download the Invoice/ Account Statement. The system will take a couple of seconds to open or download the Invoice/ Account Statement.

Call Listing

Click on Call Listing to go back to the landing page and view your call records.
(Check image below)


Click on Logout at the bottom left of the page to Log out of the My Account page.
(Check image below.)

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