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What calling features are included

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With each of the above plan You’ll Get:

 1X Phone Line.

 Dial Tone/Connectivity

 Free in-network calling

 Free calling to 90% of Canada.

 Very low international rates

 Voice Mail

 Attendant Call Transfer

 Unattended or “Blind” Call Transfer

 Call Forward Always

 Call Forward Busy

 Call Forward – no answer

 Do not Disturb

 Call Waiting/Disable Call Waiting

 Call Hold

 Call Return

 Caller ID/ Caller ID Blocking

 Automatic Call Back

 Anonymous Call Blocking

 Three-way Calling

 Speed Calling / Speed Dial 8

 Personalized web portal

 Inbound and Outbound Call Log

 Device Portability

 Alternate Numbers additional $4.95 per month charge for each number

 United States calls billed at 2.5 cents per minutes when using the Free Canada Calling Plan

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