How much money do I make?

Commission: earn generous commission for referring customers to us. We take care of everything else.

Your sales channel: develop your sales channel and earn income on everything they sell. Your channel could be individuals, stores, newspapers, etc.

Authorized active resellers: earn one and one half month's commission for signing new customers as well as a healthy percentage of long distance revenue. Signing business accounts yield more generous commissions but would require a higher level of skills.

Individual Sale Agents
Marketing Companies
Web Site Owners
Media Owners
Retail Outlets
Not for profit Organizations
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We are pleased to announce the launching of the NetFone Affiliate Program which brings together organizations and individuals involved in and benefiting from the Voice over Internet (VoIP) revolution. The Affiliate Program offers custom-tailored plans designed to meet the various needs of our partners. We are currently looking for independent and enthusiastic visionaries that have the drive to succeed.

The NetFone Affiliate Program has been designed to allow our partners to get involved quickly and easily. NetFone handles all the back-end support for our affiliates who simply refer customers to us. We handle all the rest.

For those wanting a more hands-on approach, affiliates may apply to become an authorized reseller for NetFone products and services. This becomes very attractive when selling our advanced business packages.

For more information about our Affiliate Program, please fill out the form below. Once approved, we will send you your welcome package with instructions. It's that simple and easy!

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Individual Sale Agents
Individuals can earn money by becoming an authorized reseller of NetFone's products. Two levels of sales are provided. You can:

  1. sell NetFone products directly or
  2. build your own channel and collect commissions on all sales generated from your channel.
Note: All sales agents must be certified though an orientation session with an authorized NetFone trainer.

Marketing Companies
Marketing companies are invited to participate in our program and are encouraged to join in the VoIP revolution. Residential and Business VoIP services are set to explode. Why not become a part of it and earn large commissions?

Web Site Owners
Transform your website from an expense column into a revenue generating machine. Our program is simple and profitable to use. Implement our banner into your website and earn cash instantly.

We pay you two full months worth of revenue for every customer directed to us through your website. We track the customer and credit your account.

Media Owners
Media outlets such as newspapers (local, community, or special interest), radio or television stations or programs have a unique opportunity to promote our products while earning a substantial revenue stream. All types of media that have the ability to attract audiences are able to participate in our program.

Retail Outlets
Retail outlets are invited to participate in promoting NetFone's products or become authorized resellers of NetFone's industry-leading products. We have two plans for the retail market

Not for profit Organizations
Non-profit organizations can earn revenue to fund their activities by promoting our services in their newsletters, websites, or mail-outs.